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Looking for some specialty shops for your pet? Yes, it is not only for humans but some specialty shops and urban boutiques are designed even for pets, as well, so that the wide varieties of luxury requirements of the pets can be met. In that case, you are directed to one of the best shopping boutiques and destinations for your pet.

Organic Dog Food

Hello and welcome to the site If you are the owner of a pet you might have various requirements and accordingly pet services might be required by you. We are sure that we will definitely be able to cater to your requirements. We have launched our site recently, though we have been operating out boutique since a long time. We are sure that with the products and services that we will offer, we will surely be able to satisfy large numbers of pet lovers like never before. great resource for reviews and recalls dog food.

Till date, many of our customers have already expressed satisfaction about our products and services, and we are sure that we will continue to offer them the same level of satisfaction. We welcome our new customers who have not experienced shopping with us, and we are sure that we will be able to cater to your needs, whether you are an existing or new customer. Just try shopping with us and experience the wonders of shopping with us.

The varieties of products and the pet services that we will offer you will surely impress you and make you fall in love with our collection. Ranging from pets bedding, accessories, blankets, designer leashes and collars to even the beauty and grooming products, you will be surprised with the huge collection of pet products at out online boutique. Toys are also a basic requirement for your pet. Therefore, you cannot afford to compromise with the quality of the toy that you get for your pets. However, at out online pet boutique, we assure you that you will get here everything as per your requirements for giving the best forms of entertainment to your pets.

dog toys & organic canned goods

At our online boutique, you will large varieties of toys with which your pets can play and enjoy. There are so many other things that might be useful for your pet. If you are actively looking for some gourmet treats for your pet, or if you are looking for a wonderful mat on which the pet can play and rest, we will again offer you the ideal option. We can assure you that we will prove to be a one stop destination for all the requirements of your pet.

If you walk into our store to buy some pet clothes, we will offer you a separate space as trial room. Whether the size of your pet is big or small, you will easily be able to try out different clothes on your pet and select the best option that suits your pet the best. There are, in fact, so many unique things that our boutique has to offer that you will just go crazy, forget about the reaction of your pets. We are also sure that being a customer from any walk of life, you will be just satisfied with the wide range of products that we have to offer you.

If you want to know the reaction of our existing customers, you can take a look at the reviews and testimonials, as well. There are plenty of satisfactory reviews at our site, and these reviews will definitely help you to understand whether our urban luxury pet boutique is the ideal option for you. Since we have been operating reliably since a long time, we are sure that we will be able to offer you the same service of reliability in the future years to come. Our reviews are reliable, and so are our products and services. We will never give you the opportunity to make any complaint because there will be absolutely no question of dissatisfaction.

It is very natural that you will be worried about the quality of the pet products that you get from our boutique. However, it is time for you to get absolute relief from the worries of quality, because all the pet products that we deal with are of exceptional high quality. As a result, you will never have to be worried about the quality. Moreover, once you invest on any of our product, you can also be assured of durability, so that one time investment is sufficient enough for you.

If you want to treat your pet with some tasty and unique gourmet food items, we are again the ideal option for you. Here are so many unique and different items that you will find and when you try out these special treats with your pets, they will just love it. Moreover, you will also love to see your pets happy and satisfied. The staffs of our store are friendly and helpful, and they will offer you the treats for your pets as per your order with a friendly and pleasing smile. This will make you come to us time and again.

We assure you that when you are with us, you will not have to be worried about the price of the pet stuffs. Whether you are planning to buy a tasty treat for your pet, or looking for a huge selection of bowls to serve the foods, price will not at all be a factor of concern. We stock quality products at affordable rates, and therefore, irrespective of your budget, you can be assured to find a product from our online boutique. We have also introduced the special offer and discount systems at different intervals of time. Therefore, if you keep a regular track of our offers, you will certainly be lucky enough to grab our amazing offers, and thereby save your money.

You will not have to be worried about the payment options because we offer complete flexibility on the options of payment for any kind of products and services that you buy from us. We accept cash, personal check, MasterCard, and Visa and with the wide varieties of options, we are quite sure that making payment will not at all be difficult for you.

We have specialized experts at our company, and they are dedicated and sincere enough to offer some of the best pet services. If you have any problem with our site, or if you face any difficulty in selection of the pet products from our company, our experts are there always for you to offer you the necessary service, and help you in the selection of the best pet products in accordance to your requirements. In fact, we offer top priority to our customer services, and we can do anything to make the relationship friendly and satisfactory. Since our staffs have extensive knowledge on different products, we ensure that we always pass on the knowledge to you, so that you can look after the needs of your pets.

our dog walking service

Our company will also offer you special dog walking services at frequent intervals, as a result of which you will easily be able to get your dog and make it participate in our special dog walking services. We are sure that this will definitely satisfy you, and at the same time, your dog will also be happy at it.

If you want, you can also get your dogs and cats to our store, and we are sure that the experienced gained by your pets here will be memorable. They will love to stay here, and by finding things of their interest, they will easily get indulged into it. Since your pets are also very much part of your family, it is very essential that you consider their requirements and preferences. However, if you fail to understand the exact requirements of your pets, we are there for you.

We mainly specialize in the services and products of pets, especially dogs and cats, and therefore, if you are the owner of a dog or a cat, or both, we will offer you the perfect solution for the entire needs of your pet. Moreover, since we are available to you 24 hours online, you will be able to reach us easily at any time of the day right from your home, and as per your preferences.  We are a luxury pet boutique and therefore, we are sure that we will be able to cater to the entire luxury requirements of your pet.

Apart from that, irrespective of the place to which you belong, it will not be difficult for you to get access to our site from any corner of the world. Therefore, it is high time that you give a try and utilize our products and services that we offer for your pets. Thus, we can assure you that we are the perfect destination for you and your pet. Therefore, do not delay any further in hiring our services. You can also log on to our site in order to know more about our services and products.

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Did you Notice Blood in your Dog’s Urine

Adog’s urine dog quickly becomes part of the family and so when he’s feeling ill, the whole family becomes worried. Did you notice blood in your dog’s urine? What does it look like? Blood in dog urine commonly appears like a pinkish tinge since it mixes with the color of the urine. On the other hand, it can also appear bright red. This happens when the secretion is coming out from the vagina or rectal area. Since your dog can’t tell what’s wrong, and you too, usually do not have an idea about this, you resort to taking him to the vet. This is a safe option to ensure your dog obtains the most appropriate cure.

The veterinarian will suggest a diagnosis in order to determine what is causing the blood to occur in your dog’s urine. His diagnostic plan definitely includes a comprehensive urinalysis, blood count, chemical blood profile and bacterial culture. In male dogs, the examination of his ejaculated liquid will help in determining the possibility of prostate infection.

The diagnosis can also include radiography and or ultrasound assessment. You are also required to give an extensive history of your dog’s health, which includes the background history of the symptoms and the probable scenarios which may have caused the condition. This background history check will provide the vet with clues as to which among the dog’s organs are causing the problem.

Based upon these results, the veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate treatment to your dog. If the blood in dog urine is due to a minor UTI, prostrate or urethral infection, he will commonly provide the safest antibiotic to treat the infection. However if it is a serious case, a surgical treatment should be performed. You have nothing to worry since the surgery is a quick process. It will only take a while for the vet to perform it. After the surgery though, you need to take good care of your dog to ascertain no infection to the suture will occur.

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Selecting A Caring And Considerate Pet Boutique

The number of pet lovers who have started paying greater attention to the needs of their pets has increased all over the world.  This phenomenon first started in the United States, and quickly progressed to other countries.

The latest regions to be caught up in the pet craze now are the Asian countries. People over there have really taken to treating their pets as equal members of the family, and affording them all the trappings  and conveniences that they have become used to themselves!

A number of pet boutiques have sprung up to cater to this growing demand. Target shooting with your pets can be time well spent. I found some great metal targets from to help my pooch get used to gunfire. We love these Steel Rifle Targets that we found on Amazon. These are quite different from the old fashioned pet shops that most of us are probably familiar with. They are often “full service” establishments providing products, grooming services, walking and exercise services, and sometimes even medical services too.

Shooting Targets Video

Pet Products

It’s really quite astonishing when you take a look at the number of pet products that are available in a modern high-end pet boutique. In addition to the more common accessories like leads, collars, harnesses, coats, miscellaneous furnishings, there is a whole host of modern “dog gear” which most people probably can’t even imagine, let alone having seen before! These range from specialized pet dinnerware and diamante studded designer pet clothing to highly advanced technology for pets such as air-conditioned kennels and nanotechnology treated outdoor clothing! Pet Food And Dietary Supplements

Although we have been used to the idea of specialized food for pets, such as dog food and cat food. There has recently been a huge surge in the availability of new pet food ranges such as organic and natural pet food. This often includes food that has been produced using ingredients with very little processing. Supplements are another booming industry in the pet care sector. Not only are these available for practically all pets, they are also not limited to purely medical usage. In many cases they are used more for preventative purposes but exploding targets are never a good idea for your gun dog. Stick to the basics like good old AR500 steel targets from shootingtargets7

Grooming Services

Many pet boutiques have offered grooming services for some time now. These usually involve washing, shampooing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, teeth checks and scrubbing, among others. The benefits should be apparent for all to see. Many new pet owners are often completely unaware of how to properly care for their pets. Even though their veterinarian can take care of serious issues, ordinarily they just don’t have the time for more common things. This is where grooming services can really come in handy. Owners can drop the pets off for an hour or so and they will be ready and waiting for them when they return.Luxury Pet Services

Another new addition to the pet boutique business is the introduction of products and services ranges that are specifically targeted towards the luxury end of the pet care market. These often include higher-end beds, kennels, collars, and other items that have been manufactured to a much higher standard. In certain cases you really do pay a premium for these. However their tremendous popularity has proven that there is indeed a true demand for them. For more info on steel targets check out the link.

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How to Compare Electric Dog Fences

Like humans, animals also need security and that is why electrical fences are made. Electric fences like those for dogs are used in order to maintain the safety of animals against their predators. Before, the only way to secure the protection of animals at home, farm and zoo are the conventional fences. However, these fences are not really durable and they break easily. This is the reason why most animal owners choose the electric ones. If you have dogs at home, you may consider electric dog fence. We highly recomend that you stay away from marketing companies like invisible fence normally their back end costs will cost nearly 10 times as much money as a diy fence company like petsuper store online. Also look into a heavier duty pro dog fencing 14 gauge wire.

The Features of Electric Dog Fences

There are several brands of electric dog fences and all of them have some primary features. These also have tool kinds like wire to be placed underground, a transmitter that delivers electricity over the wire and receiver collars to correct the dog once it come near or it tries to pass over the buried cable. Flags with different bright colors are also included and you need to place on the ground surface to aid the dog to learn the restrictions provided by these fences.

How to Compare Electric Dog Fences?

However, all brands of electric dog fences still have unique features though you think that they are all the same. Thus, you should make a comparison before you purchase one for your child. How you will be able to do the comparison? Well, by means of the directions given here, you can find the best brands of electric fences for your dog. In comparing the various brands of invisible dog fences, you should consider the following: Also see dog fence systems on amazon.

Compare the Primary Features of Electric Dog Fences

  • Prices – systems used in these fences have different costs, some are cheap while others are expensive. However, costly ones do not necessarily mean they are better compared to the cheaper brands. See under ground dog fence systems here, or check out wireless electric dog fence options.
  • Warranties –   some brands have lifetime warranty while others have 1 up to 2 years warranty.
  • Accessories – check whether extra collars are available. You can use these if you have a new dog in the future.
  • The manufacturer’s customer service – also, you should verify the customer assistance service of the manufacturing companies. This is very important most especially if problems occurred unexpectedly.

Compare the Wires of Electric Dog Fences

  • Ensure that the wire to be buried under the ground is protected so that it can endure rain, heat and dry situations during the summer time. Likewise, it must be able to resist potential frigid temperature when winter comes in or it may depend on the usual weather conditions of your country.
  • Know the materials used in making the wire and choose one that is made of any materials that can resist corrosion like copper.
  • Locate the wire gauge and make sure that the wire is strong enough to endure attempts done by the destructive creatures.
  • Make sure that the transmitter could be grounded. Always take note that if your home is surrounded with underground live electrical wire, there is a possibility that your property will be strike by lightning.
  • Find out the capacity of the transmitters. Most of them are powerful and they can cover 2 up to 3 acres of soil. If the land you own is larger, you should buy a power booster or a more powerful transmitter.
  • Ensure that your transmitter has flexible range. Some of them can be used to let the dogs come near the wires at around 10 inches from it before correction signal will be sent. Others could be set to correct the dog when it approaches from 5 up to 6 feet on the wire’s location.
  • Check whether the transmitter has battery backup. As the power is produced, you should ensure that the dog is protected. Likewise, you should also check the transmitter to see if it comes with an audible sound that will inform you once the wire was broken or if the electricity goes down. 16 gauge dog fence wire usually does a better job than the wire that comes with the kits. Also check out ebay dog fencing wire.

Compare the Receivers for Electric Dog Fences

  • Learn how the corrections work because some receivers can cause electric shock on your dog once it gets close on the wire limit. Some are better ones and they provide an audible warming when it approaches the limit but it will shock your pet when it attempts to pass over the boundary.
  • Check whether if the stage of correction could be adjusted suits the different needs. Some breeds of dogs have slight patience for pain and require only a low level of shock to correct them.
  • Make sure that you can adjust the collar. While the dog grows, it may become heavier and lighter. Thus, the collar must be adjusted when required.
  • Check if it comes with exterior “weak battery” lighting on the system’s receiver. Some have tiny red light-emitting diode light that will begin to blink once the battery requires replacement.
  • Ensure that if the replacement parts are available. Unexpected situations may happen and the receiver may get damaged when it bumps against the stone or tree.
  • Check if the receiver has variable-length electrodes. Dogs with short hair need short prongs yet those with thick coat should have longer prongs. A good type of receiver has both sizes.
  • Make sure that the receiver is water-resistant and choose one that has this feature.
  • Look for the kind of battery used for the receiver, how long it will last and its availability. If you need to replace the battery on a monthly basis, then you should ensure that you get a continuous supply of it. Some batteries designed for the receiver may last from 6 up to 8 months.

Companies like Petsafe systems make a fantastic diy kit. Find the best electric dog fence reviews.

These are the factors that you should consider when it comes to electric dog fences. You should be wise and practical in choosing one out of the available brands within the market. Make sure that you will have the best one since your safety and the protection of your dog depends on your decision. By means of following the guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to find the best brand of electric dog fences for your pet.


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Invisible Fence of Melbourne

Invisible Fence of Melbourne Florida has come out with a new product line of automatic pet water systems and pet feeders for dogs.

A family owned business this company has successfully contained over 4000 thousand dogs in Indian River and Brevard County Florida. Invisible Fences website boasts of a 99 percent success rate with their professionally installed Invisible Fence systems.

We investigated this statistic with several local Veterinarians DVM Middleton the owner of Sunshine animal clinic states that she has used the Invisible Fence system for over 5 years running for her Jack Russel Terriers and that it has worked flawlessly safely containing her dogs on here property.

We also spoke to several other Veterinarians in the Brevard & Indian River County area all of them had fantastic things to say about Invisible Fence of Melbourne.

The owner of Invisible Fence Ronald Pollock took our investigator to several of his recently professionally installed electric dog fences outdoor systems and gave us a demonstration of the system actually works.

The owner of Invisible Fence also owns a do it yourself invisible dog fence website for homeowner who don’t want to pay for professional installation and training. To start with the company installs and underground cable around the perimeter of the property.

The carefully bury the cable around custom areas and neatly install the dog fence cable through a crack in the driveway and then reseal it.

After they install the underground dog fence wire, they install a computer collar inside a sheltered area like a garage or small crawl space.

A neutral cable is then run out to the perimeter of the property therefore connecting a neutral line to the main active perimeter of the property line.

The Invisible Fence Tech who showed us how the system is installed installed a computer box that emits a signal field around the customized cable around the electric dog fence. Dave the technician then carefully planted white flags around the wire all around the property line.

Dave then proceeded to set up a computer collar that he carefully place around the customers dogs neck. Dave made some tweaks on the dog fence computer collar then led the dog out to the border.

Dave shuck the flag fiercely to get the dogs attention, the dog out of curiosity walked up the line of the fence and gave a slight twinge of the neck, he began digging at the ground because the computer collar made a noise similar to what a mouse or critter might sound like.

Dave proceeded to turn the dog fence collar up a notch, this time when the dog walked towards the white flags the dog let of a slight yelp and backed several feet away from the white flags.

Dave immediately shuck the Invisible Fence flags, you could see by the expression on the dogs face that he no longer wanted to go anywhere near the flags, a couple more attempts to coax the dog towards the flags was met with resistance and hesitation from the dog.

Dave the tech then proceeded to try to coax the dog across the line with a piece of hot dog. It was a no go. The dog wanted absolutely nothing to do with crossing the fence line.

Afterwards Dave let the dog of the leash and the dog made no attempts to go near the boundaries of the success and highly

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Welcome to the Bay Area’s Premier Urban Chic Pet Boutique

Welcome to Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique! We opened our doors in Oakland in September 2007 and expanded to Walnut Creek in May 2008.We characterize our boutique as Urban-Chic. We carry a large selection of hip canine apparel, stylish carriers for both dogs and cats, designer leashes and collars, high quality durable bedding and blankets, all natural beauty and grooming products, tons of toys, breed specific items, a huge selection of bowls, mats & treat jars, gourmet and organic treats as well other pet accessories. We also carry several premium food lines for both dogs and cats: Canidae, Evangers, Nature’s Variety, Merrick, Natural Balance, California Natural, Innova, Evo and Nature’s Variety Raw. Whether your dog is BIG or small we have it all!Please be sure to bring your dog in with you so they can sample a bunch of different treats and goodies and roam around helping you pick out what they want and need We look forward to seeing you and remember we’re “The Perfect Destination for You and Your Pet!!”

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Oakland 4211 Park Blvd., 510.482.6049 | Walnut Creek 1528 Locust St., 925-925-BARK (2275)